Fiscal Year 2016: Update

The Annual Report published here covers the first four years of WESA’s growth and development, from our launch on July 1, 2011 through the completion of our fourth fiscal year ending June 30, 2015.

It’s a story about the birth of a new voice. It’s the story of WESA, Pittsburgh’s NPR news and information station.

What Happened in Fiscal Year 2016?

In the intervening year since completing this report, there have been a lot of growth and progress at WESA, most notably:

  • The 90.5 WESA and 91.3 WYEP Board of Directors agreed to merge both boards into one governance structure (see below)
  • We launched a national search for a new CEO to run our combined organization (and to succeed WESA’s founding General Manager, DeAnne Hamilton.)
  • We created and launched the Leadership Circle, WESA’s new major giving society. Read more here:
  • We redesigned WESA’s newsroom and crafted an editorial vision and news strategy for the future.
  • We authored an ambitious and aspirational five-year strategic growth plan.
  • In June 2016 we announced the hire of Terry O’Reilly as President and CEO to lead our combined organization.
  • Terry will lead both WESA and WYEP under the corporate banner of Pittsburgh Community Broadcasting Corporation (PCBC.) Read more here:
It’s a very exciting time at WESA and WYEP.

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Pittsburgh Community Broadcasting Corporation (PCBC) Board of Directors

Harris Jones / President
Sandy Garfinkel / Vice President
Jeffrey Kessel / Treasurer
Bill Adams / Secretary
Marco Cardamone
Sean Ganoe
Michelle Pagano Heck
Greg Joseph
Daniel Klein
B.J. Leber
Ron Leibow
Thomas Petzinger Jr.
Peter Rosenfeld
Ed Traversari
Kathy Wallace
Nancy Washington