Local Journalism and Original Content Programming

Locally-produced news, information, arts and cultural programming with a public media perspective. . . creating a new ‘sense of place’ in Pittsburgh. On the air. On the ground. Online. And on the move.

Content that Matters to Your Community and Your Life

WESA is a regional community media resource that provides daily coverage of local news, reported by our Pittsburgh-based journalists and news professionals. We create original content programming and local journalism that connects our audience with the stories that matter most to them. Here are some programs we have produced over the past four years.

Essential Pittsburgh

Essential Pittsburgh is WESA’s signature talk show. It can be heard daily, Monday through Friday. This live program provides local news coverage, interviews with newsmakers, and discussion of issues and challenges facing the Pittsburgh community and Southwest Pennsylvania. The program also provides feature stories on arts and cultural activities throughout the region. A group of regular contributors report on travel, entertainment and legal news and interests. Essential Pittsburgh airs from Noon to 1 PM and is rebroadcast from 8-9 PM. LEARN MORE

Life of learning

Life of Learning is a three-year initiative made possible with a generous grant from the Grable Foundation. The series focuses on learning and education activities, as well as opportunities and challenges in the Greater Pittsburgh area. It provides news reporting, feature stories, community forums and segments on Essential Pittsburgh relating to topics in learning innovation. LEARN MORE

Art from the ground up

Shuttered factories, abandoned warehouses and boarded-up store fronts are being repurposed as galleries and performance spaces by people with passion and vision. Art From the Ground Up provides a showcase for some of the most innovative members of Pittsburgh’s emerging arts and creative community. LEARN MORE

90.5 WESA Celebrates People Making a Difference

This multi-platform, multi-year series of 48 radio and online video segments features stories about everyday people making a difference in other people’s lives and in their communities. This program is supported by a generous grant from UPMC. LEARN MORE

On the House

On the House is a food feature airing occasionally on Tuesdays during Morning Edition and All Things Considered. Each feature answers a question such as “How does land-locked Pittsburgh get fresh ocean fish?” or delves into deeper issues such as paying cooks a living wage and food sourcing. LEARN MORE

Saturday night jazz and jazzworks

WESA provides five hours of jazz programming every Saturday evening. We also provide 24/7 of JazzWorks music on our HD2 signal and streamed on our website. Bob Studebaker hosts and programs JazzWorks, which is also syndicated to other public radio stations across the nation. LEARN MORE