Our Audience

Listening To Our Listeners

“Your diversity is one of your strongest assets. It allows me to listen throughout the day without becoming bored and I always get to hear something new, compelling and enriching. Well-rounded programming leads to well-rounded listeners!”


Emily Skopov & Todd Normane

“I am a business visitor in Pittsburgh. Listening to WESA makes my hotel room feel a little more like home! Thanks!”


Beca Kulinovich

“I just want to thank WESA and NPR for providing our family with reliable diverse and informative news. We choose not to pay for cable TV because of all the nonsense that is on these days and rely on WESA and NPR to keep us informed and up-to-date on the most current national and world issues. Thank you!”


Chelsea & Gareth Robson

“I really enjoy your shows – good quality discussions with a global perspective.”


Dr. Srinivas Moorkanikkara

“My three-year-old daughter is so accustomed to listening in the car that if I don’t turn on WESA right away, she tells me to ‘Put the people on.’ Thanks for all that you do.”


Emily Robbibaro

“I recently discovered WESA FM Pittsburgh. I was never a big fan of talk radio but as a college student of International Relations, I truly appreciate a radio station that provides multiple perspectives on global events. I believe it is so important to close the cultural gaps in our ever-shrinking world of technological globalization. Thank you all so much for your pursuits of hard work in educating our great city of Pittsburgh and its surrounding areas!”


Garrett Fox

Membership Matter$

Public media is public service.

We work for you. And our service is provided free to everyone.

But it costs money to acquire and create quality content programming, and that’s where membership comes in.

What is membership? Why does it matter?

Simply put, membership is public-media speak for “donor.” Members are listeners who choose to make a financial investment in the content and programming they consume on-air and online.

Membership donations are our single largest source of income, providing over 45% of our total annual revenue.

Your membership dollars are a direct investment in the programming we provide, and help us fulfill our mission. The broader our membership base, the better we can serve your needs and those of our community.

We are deeply grateful to the more than 17,000 members who generously invested in WESA in our first four years. We owe our thanks to you for believing in WESA during these critical, startup and formative years.

Expanding WESA’s membership base is vital to the financial well-being of our organization. Encouraging more listeners to become members and creating a culture of individual philanthropy through major giving will improve WESA’s long-term sustainability, and our ability to serve you with content that informs, engages, entertains and inspires.
Thank you for being a member!